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Life Story Journal Book Creation Process

List Price: $729.00


The standard Life Story Journal Book Creation Process includes:

  1. The Life Story Journal downloadable pdf
  2. Up to four hours of telephone interviews (typically broken into four one-hour phone calls) using the 73-question Life Story Journal*
  3. Up to ten hours of LifeBio Story Team editing services, which includes customizing questions within the Life Story Journal format, and inserting up to 60 of your personal photos (More photos can be included for additional cost)
  4. An emailed pdf draft of your story, which can be used for review and making revisions
  5. A printed hardcover life story book (See pictures for sample cover options) 
  6. A lifetime membership to, which allows access to LifeBio’s biography and story templates (for users to type their own answers)

After purchase, the questions can be downloaded to allow time to prepare answers prior to scheduling phone interviews. Once the interviews are done, the LifeBio Story Team will create a first draft and work with the participant to make any edits needed. When edits are complete, a hardcover life story book is created.

Customization Options Available: For those who have more to include, you can add a phone interview (with its associated editing time) for $120. Sometimes people have their own vision for how to create their life story. If the project requires significant changes from our standard template, additional editing hours may need to be included for $40/hour. Any additional charges will be discussed ahead of time.

More about your Membership: An online membership to, our secure online platform, is included. Your life story can be accessed online, photos can be uploaded, and additional stories can be created. Audio from each phone interview is recorded and uploaded into the media gallery of your account on Through your online account, you will have the ability to print a PDF of your life story at any time, in addition to receiving your included hardcover book.

*More about the Life Story Journal: This is an in-depth chronological life story template. It starts with questions about your ancestors and moves smoothly from your early childhood memories, through school days, work experiences, marriage and adult life, to dreams and goals for the future. 

In addition to being utilized for autobiography, the Life Story Journal works great for interviewing a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent!

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