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LifeBio License Agreements for Groups

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LifeBio can help your organization create biographies and produce quality summary materials. After the story is recorded with the LifeBio Memory app, the LifeBio Story Team creates, edits, and prints a comb-bound Life Story Book and mails that back so it can be presented to each participant in the program. In addition, in some situations, the Story Team also creates 1-page Snapshot summaries and a 1-page Action Plan. These are useful especially in home care or health care settings to inform care partners. LifeBio works with health plans, senior living, hospice, hospitals, home care, universities, and more. Agreements include training and online support.  All stories (including audio recordings) are stored for later access by the Storyteller and his or her family members. 

License agreements are customized based on size of your program/organization, number of participants, level of care, and other factors. Call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576 or email for a custom proposal.

We look forward to serving your organization!  This is a life changing experience for younger and older people and works well as an intergenerational project. Learn more here:  LifeBio Link