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LifeBio Memory App + Life Story Book


Every single person has a story to tell.  Now it is easier than ever before to download the LifeBio Memory App (with instructions provided after purchase) and start using it to tell your own or a loved one's life story.  The LifeBio Memory app works on either phone or tablet devices with iOS or Android app stores. LifeBio contains more than 280+ questions in many categories.  Spend even one or two hours and you or your loved one will have created an amazing digital, voice-recorded story. 

When the life story is recorded (at least finished for now--you can always come back and add more later online), you will "request story files" and then LifeBio will turn those voice recordings into a printed book.  You can upload photos in the app which will also appear in the Life Story Book (comb-bound book included plus PDF, upgrades are available to hardcover book options).

In this package, LifeBio's staff will spend up to 4 hours editing and preparing the Life Story Book (comb-bound) for printing/shipping.   

Questions about group licensing? Other questions? Call 937-303-4576 or email

NOTE: Tablet pictured is not included (use your own tablet or smartphone to record with the app). Additional charges may apply for excessively long books (up to 36 page book included).