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Memory Journal - 200+ Questions BEST-SELLING BOOK

List Price: $24.95


The Memory Journal provides the perfect place to tell your story. No matter your age, record your experiences to be preserved for future generations. This hardcover 6" x 9" book is brown with "Memory Journal" in gold lettering, and it comes with a book jacket. The user-friendly journal contains over 200 thought-provoking life story questions, with plenty of space to write answers for yourself or a loved one. The right questions bring the best stories and memories to life!

The journal covers topics including: family history, the people who shaped you, childhood memories, love and relationships, education, work experience, military life, family fun and vacations, life lessons, and much more.

The Memory Journal is designed to be whatever the author wants it to be. Perhaps a parent will capture memories for his or her children. A grandchild could use the journal to interview a grandparent. However the Memory Journal is used, it becomes uniquely YOURS - just like the life story it will help preserve!