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The Great Story and Your Story


By: Richard L. Morgan and Beth Sanders

The Great Story & Your Story: Connecting the Bible to Everyday Lives offers 12 weeks of engaging, relationship-building Bible study for new Christians or those already familiar with the scriptures, regardless of age. This study is also ideal for intergenerational group settings.

Each week there is an opportunity to read a relevant scripture, hear the Bible story in a new way, and listen to an example of how the passages connected to the lives of the co-authors, Dr. Richard Morgan (a retired pastor and professor), and Beth Sanders (a female business owner). The book challenges the participants to delve into their own life experiences, joys, and struggles to find their own connection to the Great Story. This book also contains a Leader’s Guide, Heartfelt Letter (Ethical Will), and Faith Story templates. It provides creative ideas for closing the class by celebrating the participant’s stories. 

About the Authors
Dr. Richard Morgan is a retired Presbyterian minister, professor of Bible, and chaplain. He holds a Ph.D. from Union Seminary. He is also the author of Remembering Your Story: Creating Your Own Spiritual Autobiography.
Beth Sanders is the founder of She holds a degree in English and journalism from Otterbein College. Her goal is to preserve life stories and build relationships. She is the author of the Memory Journal.