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Tell Grandpa's Life Story & Create Grandpa's Book

I wish I had had the chance to record my grandfather's life story. I can remember just a few things about him now---just a moment here and there.  I remember him taking me to a garden center in his big car (that resembles an Edsel in my memory).  I remember him driving a similar big, old car down the street to tell me that my little brother had been born that morning! We had an exciting day at school telling all our friend about our new little brother. 

Recording grandpa's life story


I remember visiting his barber shop and the sites and smells all around me.  There was a table full of Farmer's Almanacs and other magazines.  There was a wooden board that he put across the big black and white barber chair, and I would climb up there to get my hair cut.  He would always love tickling my neck with one of those soft brushes.


He was an inventor and he took great pride in examining the pinhole camera I made from instructions in the National Geographic World Magazine.  I took his picture with it, and it's a blurry black and white photo, but it's a picture of my grandpa. No doubt about it. 


I have a sweet memory toward the end of his life when we Christmas caroled at his home (and it's so sweet that I don't think I can share it). 


But I wish knew more.  I wish I had asked just a few more questions and could read his exact words to me this day.  Still, my memories of him (and recording them) are important because my grandfather is someone worth knowing. My children need to know Grandpa, and my memories of him will have to do. 


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